Woe be! to the worm

Whom the little boy holds firm

As he crawls on bare knees,

Exploring, amidst mud and wet leaves

Lit’l Worm stares at his captor

Whilst the lit’l worm’s heart beats fast ‘n faster!

Gathering all available strength

That a worm could possibly muster!

No probable means of escape

Back into his shady. damp landscape…

Boy, closely examines his helpless prisoner;

Gripped betwixt lit’l thumb and forefinger

Trying to distinguish one end from the other!

As Worm appeals silently to his father! or mother!

He cringes and wiggles in mime-like, worm-ways.

As he fervently prays

That this young captor’s mission

Is not to take Lit’l Worm, a’fishin’!!

Worm hopes Boy will soon tire

Of such squeezing, poking, prodding!

Lest his fate may prove dire

From this endless stretching and mauling!

Says he, “Woe be to this poor, helpless worm!

Must life end so dreadfully? so soon?

Yesterday, life was so sweet and carefree!

Today! I face inevitable doom!

“Once he remembered, “A big Blue Jay

Had a real grip on me -for sure!

Yet! that close encounter

Is now but a blur!”

Lamenting, “Good-bye! rich, damp soil!

So lovely with-in, to toil ‘n squirm!

Good-bye! cruel world!

Alas! I am only a lowly worm…

“He fainted! He awakened! now, quite dry in the sun.

“Whew!” he breathed, “that experience, seemingly done…!”

Slowly, he crept towards the welcoming shade;

Hoping to avoid another tortuous raid

Worm, most grateful for such a timely release

Thanks boy so kindly that he is now home and safe

Hopes never again to see that cute, little boy’s face

Anywhere near, Worm’s dark, leafy, wet space…

Written by, Patricia Lee Kee