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At Jingle King Kids Club, parents must give their consent by filling out and signing our subscription application for their child to participate under our children’s privacy policy guidelines. Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers will be able to personalize screen time limitations, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and manage web browsing and content usage based on their preferences.

Starting with a free one-month trial, Jingle King Kids Club will allow kids unlimited access to our “edu-entertainment” multi-media content to explore venues such as Edu-entertainment TV, Jingle King TV, Kids Radio, Poetry for Children, Kids Cartoon Cinema, and much more where parents will gain the confidence that all Jingle King Kids content is age-appropriate.

Jingle King Kids Club will soon be offering enrollment opportunities for kids to join our curriculum-based Kid in the Mirror – Like What You SeeJr. Ambassador Club.

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Kid in the Mirror – Like What You See!
Jr. Ambassador Club Badges
Children innately want to do good things and receive praise for their positive actions. Fruitful accomplishments create a warm glowing feeling inside and spark positive neurons throughout the mind and body. The better they do the more positive feedback they receive. Each time this cycle is performed, a child develops more self-esteem and wants to do even more good deeds. The result is a child becoming empowered with knowledge and positive behavioral attributes which will serve the child well for life and its challenges.

We have created the KID IN THE MIRROR program to provide children ages 6 to 11 with opportunities to gain more knowledge and appreciation for certain core aspects of life (belief, laughter, no bullying, education, goodwill, environment, and music) by participating in fun positive activities that culminate in obtaining positive recognition through the acquisition of Jr. Ambassador Badges.

Going through this program, when a child looks in the mirror that child (and the child’s parent) will see a happier and more fulfilled youngster who is now capable and energetic to do more positive activities. Our wish is that each child who participates in this program will follow the cycle of the lotus flower and grow and blossom into an incredible display of colorful brilliance. Jingle King & The Notes are each a global ambassador for a specific subject.

THE KID IN THE MIRROR program will focus on kids being able to become Jr. Ambassadors to each of the characters by participating in activities pertaining to the subject (music, environment, goodwill, education, no bullying, laughter, and belief) that each character stands for.

The program starts with Starr and the subject of Belief in yourself.

Jingle King is the Global Ambassador of Music Jingle Queen is the Global Madam Ambassador of Environment Princess Melody is the Global Princess of Goodwill Professor Harmony is the Global Ambassador of Education Captain Pitch is the Global Ambassador of No Bullying Tempo is the Global Ambassador of Laughter & Starr is the Fairy of Belief.

There will be 4 activities that the child will be directed to perform over the course of a month. The parent is strongly encouraged to be involved in every activity as the parent must sign off that the child did complete the activity. The fifth activity relating to the subject of Belief will be one thought of by the child. The child will then do the activity and write a very short paragraph or two on what the child did and how the activity relates to Belief (the subject).

Upon completing these 5 activities with parent sign-off, the child will be awarded the Jr. Ambassador Badge of Belief with a round of congratulations. The award will have a picture of the character and the child’s name on it so the child can proudly display the accomplishment on the refrigerator or other place of honor at home.

Once the first Jr. Ambassador Badge is earned, the child moves to the second character, Tempo and doing the activities relating to Laughter. The process will repeat itself after earning each Jr. Ambassador Badge and culminate in earning the most coveted badge of all, the Jingle King Jr. Ambassador Badge for Music. Earning that badge means the child has exhibited good behavior, attitude, and actions for 7 months and is a part of Jingle King and The Notes!

There are lots more in the KID IN THE MIRROR program that will continually empower children. For example, when a child enrolls in the program, they will receive a map outlining the states of the United States but without any state names. As your child visits the Jingle King website and looks at the KID IN THE MIRROR section, there will be short posts from other children in the program saying what they did to earn a badge with the name of the state in which the child lives.

Your child can then identify that particular state on the map and color in that state. This process continues until the child has colored in all the states. Upon completion, the child will have a greater appreciation of the states and where they all are located within the United States and will also submit the colored map for a prize!

There is more to come, but we wanted viewers to know of this fantastic child empowerment program.

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